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Mattea Luna

Mattea is dedicated to inspire and guide individuals on their soul’s journey, empowering them to follow the wisdom of their bodies and listening to the inner realms. 

Her passion is creating spaces of beauty and depth that welcome the wide spectrum of our being, so we can cultivate new ways of relating with ourselves, each other and the interconnectedness of life.

She is trained in anthropology, holistic bodywork and traditional European herbalism. In 2022 she graduated as a Nativ facilitator with Shachar Caspi in Berlin. Currently she is working as an event producer, group facilitator, community builder, musician, altar artist and offers 1:1 sessions.

In her 1:1 work she is mainly focussing on guiding people in times of transformation, supporting them with their transition by listening to their calling and aligning their path and focus. Also she is passionate about themes around integration and the art of relating.  

You can find her online, in Berlin and Munich.